Live Support

We're working on putting the pieces together to offer you Live Support through various tools available. These tools include, but may not be limited to, using the live chat, remote control or screen sharing to provide help to small groups or on a one-on-one basis.

If you'd like to become a mentor and help others, please create a profile page using the link in the side bar.

Mentors Currently Online (1)

Joshua Darby
send me a private message or give me a shout in the Chat Room
Meeting in progress?: [Need Support
https://go.mikogo.com/?sp=&sid=538447910 Sorry, no meeting is active at the moment]

Meet Your Wikidot Live Support Mentors

Joshua Darby (send me a private message)
Location: Las Vegas Nevada, Your time zone (i.e. (GMT -06:00) Central Time (US and Canada) )
Skills: I know HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, and PHP. I am very skilled in Game & Development and Website Design & Development. I develop, create, and maintain/manage other people's websites. I also do tech support.

I am currently learning SQL, jQueries, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and more using Codecademy

Rob Elliott (send me a private message)
Location: Strathpeffer, Scotland, GMT
Skills: CSS, Dataforms, custom themes, wiki syntax, HTML, Javascript and jQuery

Steven Heynderickx (send me a private message)
Location: Belgium, (GMT +01:00) Central Time (Belgium)
Skills: Wiki syntax, problem solving, creative thinking, tutor

Matt Gentile (send me a private message)
Location: Long Island, NY (United States), EST
Skills: Very skilled in CSS3, CSS, JQuery, and Graphic/Web Design

Ed Johnson (send me a private message)
Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, (GMT -06:00) Central Time (US and Canada)
Skills: CSS, Cutom themes, Wikidot syntax, Site Manager, general problem-solving

Kenneth Tsang (send me a private message)
Location: NSW, Australia, (GMT +10:00) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia)
Skills: Best at Javascript and PHP. Commonly used Wikidot Syntax and CSS.

leiger (send me a private message)
Location: Australia, Australian Central Standard Time (GMT +9:30 hours)
Skills: Wikidot syntax + Problem solving + Basic CSS, HTML, and Javascript

James Kanjo (send me a private message)
Location: Melbourne, Australia, GMT +10:00 (+11:00 during DLS)
Skills: HTML, Javascript, CSS, Debugging & Programming. Specialty: Developing Wikidot Apps

phil chett (send me a private message)
Location: UK, GMT
Skills: Long standing user. Speciality is fixing forums

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