To-Do List
Description Who will implement this feature?
Have a page called active (or similar) which shows a box for the most common people that visit this site in a mentor role. If they are online they add their name as a tag to that page and it makes the box change from "offline" to "online" — this would then be included into the sidebar.

(Ed) Rather than a single page where we night run out of tag space, how about having each mentor create a page for themselves and add an _online tag when they are available? Then use ListPages to display those who are online. The individual mentor page could contain more details about areas of expertise, etc.
I'm happy to do this (leiger)

This is set up. See forum post. (Ed)
Need to add to this page any necessary instructions to allow someone to join the live support chat using whatever tool we end up deciding on.

(Ed) We don't necessarily need to limit ourselves to a common tool. Depending on the need, the OSes involved and type of support, one program may be better suited than another. Most of the programs I've looked at are either easy to install or require no installation.
Noone — need to decide on tool first
Need a NewPage module that creates a page in the 'log' category. Basically, if someone starts a chat then it's the mentor's job to create a new page and to add notes as the conversation progresses I'm happy to do this too if you want (leiger)
(Ed) Need a chatroom here to provide a space for those seeking help to alert mentors. Optionally, using the PM system may work since a mentor would be notified via a popup message. The chatroom would serve as a way to determine the next step(s). I've asked Phil for his "thin" chat based on the chatroom (actually for a different project but it will work forthis). He is ill at the moment so it might be a couple of days. (rob)
Need a forum set up so this table doesn't get out of hand! :) Done (rob)