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29 Sep 2017 15:41
BattlesquidBattlesquid Says:-


09 Jun 2017 05:43
venkman7venkman7 Says:-

whoops, here's what's in the ListPages module: tags="assorgs" order="name"

09 Jun 2017 05:43
venkman7venkman7 Says:-

Hi, having problems with ListPages and tags. Doesn't seem to be working for me, here is the code:

The ListPages module does not work recursively.
19 Apr 2017 20:21
nerdvananerdvana Says:-

Never mind. I figured out what I did.

19 Apr 2017 20:16
nerdvananerdvana Says:-

I appear to have broken functionality on a wiki and cannot figure out how I caused a problem. Can anyone assist?

09 Jan 2017 19:02
agociusagocius Says:-

Hello, need some help with setting a custom domain on godaddy because when I go to my website.com I get a redirect to website.wikidot.com anybody knows what's going on here?

24 Dec 2016 16:05
leigerleiger Says:-

Hello Aish24,
Please let us know how we can help you on the Wikidot Community. We'll do our best to solve your problem.

14 Dec 2016 04:16
Aish24Aish24 Says:-

Hello, I need some help

19 Oct 2016 21:22
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

edit your page nav:top

19 Oct 2016 18:40
weducweduc Says:-

I would like to know how to edit the top navigation bar

19 Sep 2016 08:42
Anonymous Says:-

It can take a while for someone to respond here. What is your Wikidot username, perhaps we can message you directly?

18 Sep 2016 12:41
Anonymous Says:-


18 Sep 2016 12:32
Anonymous Says:-


18 Sep 2016 12:31
Anonymous Says:-


04 Aug 2016 19:10
Katelyn TyeKatelyn Tye Says:-

Hello. I'm a wiki site admin and one of my site members is running into trouble trying to reset his password. He gets an error message saying the email address doesn't match a user profile, but when he tries to create a new account using the email address he gets a message that an account with that address already exists. Does anyone know a way to troubleshoot this?

26 Feb 2016 00:00
tenbatsutenbatsu Says:-

Hi - deleted a page in my forum thinking it was just the thread :( How can i fix this?

23 Nov 2015 19:35
DeeJayDeeJay Says:-


23 Nov 2015 19:34
DeeJayDeeJay Says:-


23 Nov 2015 19:33
DeeJayDeeJay Says:-


08 Nov 2015 18:29
rpearpea Says:-

I have just set up my page, I would like to create a glossary on a page for my students and embed the link into their VLE site, please can someone tell me the best way to do this?

05 May 2015 20:41
promodpromod Says:-
I found an answer:

05 May 2015 19:57
promodpromod Says:-

How do we embed a YouTube video using the new Bootstrap template? I've searched extensively on Wikidot without luck.

For example, here are instructions I found (<div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9">

<iframe class="embed-responsive-item" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/…" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
</div>) at http://bootsnipp.com/snippets/featured/youtubevimeo-responsive-embeds-updated

20 Apr 2015 16:58
promodpromod Says:-

Thanks RobElliott. I'm looking for a quick way to make my sites mobile friendly and wanted to experiment on a cloned copy. APIs are beyond my skill level. Thanks anyway.

20 Apr 2015 16:56
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

The 100 page clone limit applies to all plan levels. I think you might be able to get round it with the api but you'd need ask on the community forum as I am not an api specialist.

20 Apr 2015 16:54
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

The custom footer and status icons require pro+ not just pro. See http://www.wikidot.com/plans

20 Apr 2015 16:01
promodpromod Says:-

I have a Pro account but am shown options which require an upgrade to a Pro account (e.g., User Icons, Custom Footer).

20 Apr 2015 15:59
promodpromod Says:-

I have a Pro account and want to clone my site. I'm getting a message saying "Only sites with no more than 100 pages can be cloned."

26 Jan 2015 19:05
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

Yes you can sort the results of the ListPages module easily using order=

Have a look at http://www.wikidot.com/doc-modules:listpages-module#toc3

For ordering by a dataform field see the documentation at http://www.wikidot.com/doc-data-forms:selecting-and-sorting

26 Jan 2015 15:12
albertozanardoalbertozanardo Says:-

Hi all,
is there a way to sort ListPage Module?

23 Dec 2014 08:30
Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf Says:-

see my answer in the community forum… you can use ListPages module for such details…

22 Dec 2014 20:22
InfinitusInfinitus Says:-

Is there a way to retrieve/include metadata from one wikidot site's page onto another wikidot site's page?

03 Sep 2014 17:48
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

I assume you are talking about Google Docs.

In google docs select embed to get the iframe html code for the form and put that in your Wikidot site inside an html block [[html]]..[[/html]].

You can see an example at


You can then analyse the responses back in Google Docs.

03 Sep 2014 13:07
crszchemistrycrszchemistry Says:-

How do you embed a google form into wikidot? I have tried many items and no luck.

13 Aug 2014 07:14
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

If you are using a MailForm module the sent mail will go to the site admin by default. You can specify a to parameter to have it go to another username, but you can't add an email address address and have it sent to that address.

12 Aug 2014 21:19
Adam ReeceAdam Reece Says:-

I edited an email form to change the email address, but it still goes to the old email address. Thinking I could work around this, I created a new page with the correct code, and it STILL goes to the old email address. Please advise.

03 Jul 2014 07:09
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

So on your site that is at http://mrsreardon.wikidot.com/nav:top

03 Jul 2014 07:07
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

The top menu is held on the nav:top page

03 Jul 2014 00:46
Kreardon731Kreardon731 Says:-

I have a page created and I can see it , but am not able to link it to the main menu….can anyone help me?

25 Jun 2014 02:55
MaryG6MaryG6 Says:-

I did that and they said I needed to create a page first. With the training I need to research 10 companies and do scoops on them. I am so confused

25 Jun 2014 02:53
MaryG6MaryG6 Says:-

I was given instructions to get login credentials for the Scoop Training for Elance and I cant seem to connect with the right person

20 Jun 2014 03:34
AeMcCoyAeMcCoy Says:-

Does wikidot have support for getting a site unblocked in China?

21 Apr 2014 20:42
big manbig man Says:-

When my subscription for Cornerstone Land Abstract will expire? I can't find any info on my control panel. Can you navigate please?

18 Dec 2013 23:03
big manbig man Says:-

Thank you so much. After I updated my email address, everything is working great now.

18 Dec 2013 22:41
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

You would need to email moc.todikiw|troppus#moc.todikiw|troppus and ask them to look into the status of your email account on Wikidot

18 Dec 2013 22:32
big manbig man Says:-

Is there any way I can reach someone from wikidot to help me out on this? Everything was working fine last month but the email address was suspended. After we re-activated it, we still didn't get emails sent from wikidot. Maybe they blocked our emails since it kept bouncing back?

18 Dec 2013 22:27
big manbig man Says:-

I add to="big-man" to the module MailForm and after I clicked on "Send" button, it gave me an error "The form data could not be sent to the specified email address." Any clue?

18 Dec 2013 22:23
big manbig man Says:-

I see, so whatever email address I set under my wikidot account (big-man) is the email address which will receive emails?

18 Dec 2013 22:22
RobElliottRobElliott Says:-

no, a wikidot account can only have one username (which can be changed if yu don't like the current one). If you wanted more than one username you would need a second account.

18 Dec 2013 22:20
big manbig man Says:-

Thank you so much. Can I add another username to my wikidot account or it has to be my main one( the one I use to log in?) Thank you.

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