Ed Johnson

Hello! I'm Ed Johnson (Wikidot user Ed Johnson)
I'm located in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA, (GMT -06:00) Central Time (US and Canada)

Status: Offline

Short description of my skills

CSS, Cutom themes, Wikidot syntax, Site Manager, general problem-solving

More details

I've been an active member of Wikidot since 25 Sep 2007. I'm active in the Community Forums and like to help others whenever I can. I have a wide variety of experience with Wikidot and PCs in general. My job that pays the bills is working as an IT Manager for restaurant chain (22 locations and a commercial bakery) in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Mn area. I am part of a whopping 2 man IT Department that supports well over 200 staff and various levels of store supervisors.

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